Thursday, 27 January 2011


These take off along with my obsession with picture books. Something had to be done with my mounting piles of annuals and story books, the sort of battered, not yet-ancient-enough-to-be-flogged-on-ebay sort that sell for ten pence a time at charity shops. They're superbly illustrated nonetheless. I always worry I'm breaching copyright laws, as I owe the success of these envelopes to the talents of the original illustrators!

An exception to the rule, this envelope is made with an old map lurking in the attic. It has sequins on the trimming and a red button fastening.

From Noddy annual circa.1975.

Noddy 1975, with key fastening.

Made fro a map of Ashdown Forest and a pigeon feather trimming (a nice, clean one from a craft shop, of course!)

From a 1980's album of bedtime stories.

Noddy again. Button from my Granny's button box, and a cloth flower trimming.

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