Thursday, 27 January 2011


I made these with paper that I dip dyed, then stencilled and printed on... I cut up old Ordance Survey maps, and then added pressed flowers and singed some of the edges. Folkloric worlds and Sussex scenes.          'Season's Latest' (above). Part of a series. Wax and paint on newspaper, tapestry thread, and those little circles that get left in the hole-punch.

'Luna' (above) Moons made from map of the Scilly Isles. Luna herself is a dip dyed stencil.

'Suky' (above) Polly put the kettle on, Suky took it off again. Suky's teapot is made from bits of stencilled mushroom, her shoes are mushrooms and her skirt is a printed 'Fly Agaric'. She's stencilled onto newspaper. Her hat is a stencilled moon.

'Sleeping Giants at Wilmington' (above) I've always thought the downs look like the curves of resting bodies.

'Stone Henge' (above) A map figure, head in the clouds, praises a rosy coloured moon. The infamous rocks are stencilled onto newspaper and dyed paper and dip-dyed doilies. Stencilled mushrooms, pressed primrose.

'To Buy My Love a Looking Glass' (above) Map figure, top is two halves of a mushroom stalk, egg shoes.

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